The Voices for Characters

  • Rookie-Matt Bennett His Voice
  • Gary-Sam Marin His Voice
  • Cadence-Malinda Shehik Her Voice
  • Aunt Arctic-Unkown Voice Actor from Operation:Blackout end video  Her Voice
  • Alex-Mike Trapp His Voice (Man Child)
  • Rory-John Ratzenberger
  • Mr Cow2-Richard Ryan
  • Sunglasses Penguin-Toby Turner
  • Peng Waqas-Zack Scott
  • Mayor Penguin-Darren Noris
  • Jet Pack Guy-Jerry Trainor His Voice
  • Dot-Grey Delisie Her Voice
  • Extreme Penguin-Richard Horvitz His Voice
  • PH-Ashleigh Ball
  • Bob-Michel Eric Reid His Voice
  • Herbert-Unknown Voice Actor from Puffle Trouble His Voice
  • Ferral-Steve Carell His Voice

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