This is the Theme song for Club Penguin:The Show!!!It is also titled Yet the same

Lyrics and Transcript Season 1.Edit

  • Rookie(Dressed up as a rockstar):since 2005 (Opening year for Club penguin) we have done a lot of things,like PSA Popcorn Explosions and B.P`s(Brown Puffles)!But we all now our roots they may of given us the boot,but we all know we are differant but yet the same
  • Aunt Artic(Dressed up as a Conducter):The Island and it`s changes may of brought frowns to our faces,but who am i to say so says we!If you look rather closely you know the mostly that we are differant but yet the same!
  • Cadence(Dressed up as a Freestyle Rapper,Coliding with aunt Artic):Be-Be-Be-Be-Be-Because we...never stop!...When the party starts now you better watch out for this lot! (x4)
  • Gary(Dressed as an Emo,Colliding with Cadence(The Final x2):We may of had difrentces,fights,fueds and aruguments with all us doing ditches,but we all know we are freinds!We will all have adventures,quests and missions for the good treasure untill the day the world ends!
  • Rookie:(Reapeats his Verse)
  • Mr Cow2(Driving a Motorbike and singing with a manly voice):we are differant but yet the same!we are differant but yet the same!we are differant but yet the same!we are differant but yet the-the-the-the-
  • Everyone:SAME!

Lyrics and Transcript Season 2Edit

Lyrics and Transcirpt season 8Edit

  • Rookie:We have been through alot.
  • Ph(Shows clips):Evil pies,snakes,Robots,Crabs and Bob.
  • Cadence:But we never give up.
  • Gary:Each of us have each other,
  • Mr Cow2:We are diffrent yet,Ready guys?
  • Cast;YET THE SAME!
  • Mr Cow2,Cadence,Gary,Aunt Arctic,Ph,Rookie,Bob,Lily8763,Hone783,Sonicpg12:YET THE SAME(Sings it while the screen shows Cadence singing then cadence break dancing as it saids cadence,Then rookie and Mr Cow2 fighting then shows them playing table tennis as it shows The words Rookie next to rookie and mr cow2 next to mr cow2,Then shows Gary,Aunt Arctic And Ph Eating at a table as the words Gary,Aunt Arctic and Ph show up,Then we see 5 villains,Bob,Klutzy,Bot 157x,Chop Chop and Josh as their names in words show up in a weird way.Then shows A new person Mabel hugging Ferral as Ferral punches Mabel the words Mabel and Ferral show up,Then we see the other new person Dipper near the window,With a chain ball and when the words Dipper show up Dipper,due to the chainball's wieght cause dipper to fall down the window)
  • Everyone:YET THE SAME!
  • Cadence:Come everyone! One more time!
  • Everyone:YET THE(Shows title) SAME!!!!!!!!!(We see Cadence singing,Rookie playing the tuba,Aunt Arctic playing a banjo,Gary playing a keyboard,Ph blowing a whisle and Mr Cow2 playing drums.The screen then shows the title of the episode)