The ninja are ninjas the fought that snakes before and desided the help the heros defeat the snakes.

The ninjaEdit

  • Kai.He is serious and has a temper.He is the ninja of fire,he also has a sister.He is ninja 4 in McPenguins gone evil,also making Addy break the fourth wall.
  • Jay. He is crazy and is like the group clown.He also has a cursh on Kai's sister
    • Nya Kai's sister
    • Nya in her suit and is called Samurai X
    .He is the ninja of lightning.He is ninja 1 in the McPenguins gone evil
  • Cole.The leader of the group and is the ninja of earth.He is also ninja 2 in McPenguins gone evil
  • Zane.He is a robot and is nicknamed the Nindroid.He is the ninja of ice.He is ninja 3 in McPenguins gone evil.
  • Samurai X(aka nya):For abit none of the ninja knew who the Samurai was untill she showed Kai that she was his sister.Later she showed the rest of the group.She has a AWESOME giant Samurai robot!

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