• She is Australian
  • According to the episode "PH`s Tough Break",She is qualified as an "Official Puffle Vet"
  • She was the first (female) character to have an inflation scene (Ph`s Tough break)
  • She is reveled to be a "Trekkie" in "The PH Files"
  • PH knows absolutely everything about Puffles.
  • PH knows how to play both an astoutic guitar and an electric guitar.
  • According to the seris,PH and Rookie have Hugged eachother more times than anyone else in the seris.Thats a lotta ♥!
  • PH,Rookie and Cadence are in a love triangle that merges with the Rookie-Mr Cow2-Cadence love triangle.
  • In a way,PH and Cadence have a freindship with eachother simular to Rainbow Dash and Apple Jack from My Little Pony.