• He winds up the hero in Cheeseburger from Heck
  • He has a rivalery with Rookie
  • He may hate Lily8763...because her drawing SUCKS
  • Those flippers are stronger then you think...
  • He is the first (male) character to not die when touching the earth's core.
  • He is the first (male) character to be combined with Rookie
  • He is the only character in the game that can drive a Motorbike.
  • His eyes turn red when he is angry. That's a signal for you to start running.
  • His mouth also foams when he is angry or frightened.
  • So far,he has only made no apperance in "Cadence`s Fan" and "Shadow Guy and Gamma Girl (And Rookie)".However,he is mentioned,or his voice is heard in both.

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