• oooh i wanna see Big Ben
  • here's your Prawn Chips Ma'am
  • Don't worry about me! Save yourself!
  • What did i tell you about breaking the fourth wall
  • USE A TURN SIGNAL YOU (long car horn)
  • I'm not quitting this!
  • Aw Frack...
  • Behold! (pulls tarp off of invention)
  • No, only me.
  • I told you i wasn't crazy!
  • I feel like i've been here before
  • Those are my keys aren't they?
  • I'll take that!
  • From what i've seen i don't think i can trust you.
  • Dude! Don't be a @%$#&* moron!
  • Cadence!Don't forget me!
  • And now both of those morons are dead.
  • "Cowing" is simply the act of getting an irresistible urge to beat penguins who use trendy expressions on the head with a waffle iron.
  • Wait, come back!
  • Can I bury her in my backyard?
  • Yeah,i understand i`m not a cow.My mom was obsesed with them.

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