In this episode the ninja tell our hero's their names and train.

Ninja 1:Well we are home!

Mr Cow2:...Where are we?

Ninja 3:our home a ship.


Ninja 2:correct!

Cadence so you are cole!

Cole:yep correct again.

Mr Cow2:Change the E to an A and i can drink her.


Mr Cow2:you should use a more manly soap

Cadence:He's talking about Cola.

Cole:... any ways guys!

Ninja 1:Im jay!

Ninja 3:I am zane nice to meet you!

Ninja kai

Rookie:We are going in a ship.SICK!

Zane:and we get to chose who we are gonna train.

Jay:well i call rookie!

Mr Cow2:Oh sure! Everybody loves Rookie!

Jay:Its because we have the same personality.

Kai:yeah Mr Cow2. come with me!

Mr Cow2:so i learn fire maybe?

Kai:yep.... thats what i ment.

(shows a montage on Mr Cow2 training with Kai)

Kai:thats good! now... the most imporant step.

Mr Cow2:and what may that be?

Kai:learning the elment. mine is fire.

Mr Cow2:so i will learn about fire????????

Kai:yep basicly.

Mr Cow2: :D(Faints in happyness)

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