The Episode last left off with the EPF exploding and Mr Cow2 failing to escape


  • Rookie:(Twitches and sits up,surprising Cadence)Gotcha!(Laughs)You should of seen the look on your face!(laughs)Oh,Cadence,i`m sorry.Your the best girl i know.To be honest,i kinda love you.(Hugs Her)
  • Cadence:Ditto.Is Mr Cow2 alive?
  • Mr Cow2:I Don`t know.(Walks to Cadence smiling)You be the judge of that.
  • Cadence:Mr Cow2!Your alive too!(Hugs him)
  • (Mr Cow2 hugs Cadence also)
  • Rookie:Mr Cow2.(Gives out hand to shake)
  • Mr Cow2:I wil not ever,never shake your hand!(Rookie stands up and looks diapointed)But,i will give you this...(Gives him a "bromance" hug)Great too be alive ain`t it?
  • Rookie:Yeah!But,Herberts robot is going out of controll!
  • Gary:It was mine!I made it to get rid of Herbert,but Herbert took it over!Now it`s Herberts minion!
  • Rookie:We gotta stop it!
  • Cadence:I`ll do it.
  • Rookie:NO!I can`t stand to seeyou dead!Neither can Mr Cow2!Leave this to us!
  • Mr Cow2:We'll take one for the team.
  • Transition to Herbert
  • Herbert:Mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahaha!!!Take this punny island!
  • TBC 

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