Why does everything keep on breaking for me!?!?
— Dancing Penguin
Dancing Penguin

Gender Unkown
Position Unknown
Age Unkown
Status Unknown
Likes Things working for him
Dislike Things NOT working for him
Freinds Everyone!
Enimies Unkown
Hidden ability Unkown
Loved One Unkown
Best Freind Dot
Mother Unkown
Farther Unkown
Sisters Unkown
Brothers Unkown
Most Injured part of the Body Unkown
First Apperance Unkown
Last Apperance Unkown
Voiced By Tom Kenny
Dancing Penguin is a happy go-lucky penguin.He is also Mr Cow2's cousin.You might remember Dancing Penguin from mission 11 of the PSA missions (The one that needs your help with his glasses).he is a small young penguin who is very great freinds with Dot.