It`s even colder than useuall on club penguin.But the EPF is snowed in after work hours.With Cadence,Rookie,Mr Cow2 and Jet Pack Guy snowed in,they start to get cabin fever.


  • Jet:Man,it`s so cold.
  • Cadence:Relax,i came prepared(Grabs out a box of matches,sets one on fire and uses it to set herself on fire)Mmmmmmmmmm,Cozy.
  • everyone looks at her awkwardly
  • Cadace:Fear not,i have enough for everyone!(A Wind gushes in.It Estinguishes Cadace and causes everyone to shiver.)
  • Mr Cow2:I'll take ten!
  • Mr Cow2 lights himself on fire with ten matches and burns to ashes.
  • any water?

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