When Cadence accendentaly stumbles into the EPF,Gary has no choice but to give her the rights of a secret agent.


Starts at the EPF.An upbeat funky version of the EPF theme is heard..

  • Gary:Alright Rookie.I`ve set up a special code for a secret entrance to the EPF hq.
  • Rookie:Neat.
  • Gary:Oh,neat it is.Just type in the numberpad 555-444-5
  • Rookie:But,Gary,what if someone has that phone number and someone tries to call them?
  • Gary:Well,luckaly,my new invention (Picks up a blue helmet) the brain eraser will let that person forget all about the EPF.and it`s perfectly safe.Now c`mon,let`s grab a bite.(Walk into EPF HQ)

Cadence walks in around five seconds later.

  • Cadence:Hello?Yo?Anyone here?No?Just me.Well,(Grabs a note she has in her scarf)i guess i should call my mom while I`m here.(Dials on Phone)555-444-5.(Phone Beeps)Happy Birthday mom!Yeah i rememberd to call.Oh and my sister wanted to say Happy Birthday too.And i just hope you have the greatest-Huh?(Sees the wall next to her open like a door)I`ll call you back.H.B!(Hangs up)Strange.(She walks down the corridoor.using a torch she looks around.She sees photos of agents and the HQ)Oh.My.Gosh.(She sees a door,opens it and sees herself in the HQ)Well this is Sci-Fi-y.

We see Gary walk in with a very big sandwhich.He sees Cadence and gasps with fright.

  • Gary:What the heck!?!?

Rookie walks in.He sees Cadence and Gary.

  • Rookie:Dun Dun Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuun!

Cut to Cadence tied up in a chair.Dot,Rookie,Jet Pack Guy, Mr Cow2 and Gary all look at her.

  • Gary:I hope this works.
  • Dot:Relax Gary!Nothing will go wrong!Besides,you know somethings wrong when A,you get a bad feeling B,Someone you know and love acts weird or C,Something blows up.
  • Mr Cow2:Or worse.You'll get D!
  • Gary:D?
  • Mr Cow2:D,All of the above.Get it now, fatty?
  • Dot:I'm not fat!
  • Mr Cow2:But your armpits reek!

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