Cadace-Mr Cow2 relationship
Cadace and Mr Cow2 are big friends. This is a review of their bonds

  • In Cheeseburger from Heck Mr Cow2 saves Cadace's life
  • In Ellite Polar Force part 1 Mr Cow2 pushes Cadence out the door so Cadence wouldn't be blown up.
  • In "Summer Belongs to You!" even though PH was the first one to land on Mr Cow2's stretched out body, Cadence was bounced back into the air first.
  • In "High Speed Getaway" when Mr Cow2 attempts to stop the speeding car he says "If I don't make it, tell Cadence that I love her!"
  • In I am Cadence,Hear me Roar!!! Mr Cow2 and Cadence don't have just one but TWO kisses. AND ON THE LIPS TOO!
  • In Cadence Lays an Egg,Cadence asks Mr Cow2 to be her new kids Babysitter.