Bob before he got turned into a black gas.


-Bob Bob's revenge,Parts 1 and 2

Bob is a Villain that appeared in Fan Fiction (Episode).He was formly Cadences number one fan,but after Cadence yelled at him,he got mad and tried to destroy her.He was eventually destoryed by Cadence by using the flash from a camera And turned into a gooey ooze which Cadence used as syryp on her pancakes.It is confirmed that he will return.He thinks he is the evilest thing alive also,Crazy right?He has lots of rivals for THAT award. He also hates it when people call him Insane or carzy.


  • In Microscopic Mr Cow2 It is TRULY found out  Bob thinks Rookie And Mr Cow2 are the reason why cadence freaked out on him even though it was his fault.

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